Animals-Anonymous-Cover-TANIMALS ANONYMOUS: Poetry for Teens, Juvenile Delinquents and Immature Adults

Illustrated by Scott Fischer

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School’s in session and here’s your introduction to some of the wildest, most undisciplined, and ROWDIEST students in class. They’re talkative, sneaky, disgusting, and…well…a bunch of animals!

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Teenage Angst Poetry Slam Book–Animals Anonymous is a totally cool, unique book filled with rad illustrations… and poetry based on pop punk lyrics, street RAP, skater grunge, Zen koans, diary entries, and regular teen poetry… It’s the perfect D.I.Y. interpretation of teenage archetypes, edited by a high school outsider (the Camouflaged Chameleon).

Poet Richard Michelson skillfully relays teenage angst and attitude… This book is a great effort to draw teens back to the art of poetry… on their own “turf”.

Richard Michelson’s Animals Anonymous is one of the funniest books of poetry I have had the pleasure of reading. The book is constructed like a teenager’s composition book, complete with doodles and coffee stains…Maybe it will inspire the teen in your life to create their own notebook version. In the very least, prepare for lots of laughs.

For anybody who has children, works with children or was a child, this book is a valuable, off beat look into the perceptions, insecurities, dreams and behaviors of adolescents.

…this is a book about teenage animals with attitude who are attending “Animal Anonymous” and talking to a shrink about their problems.

It’s great how the notebook is written like a junior high or high school teenager’s notebook, complete with doodles, drink rings and graffiti. The illustrations are as much fun as the poems, very clever and punk.

All in all I give it a high 5 stars… Buy it if you have a teenager in you; or in your house…

I am appalled that Simon and Schuster would publish this as a “Book for Young Readers”.