More-Money-than-God-CoverMORE MONEY THAN GOD

Poems by Richard Michelson
Pitt Poetry Series

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How do we come to terms with loss? How do we find love after tragedy? How can art and language help us to cope with life, and honor the dead? How does one act responsibly in a world that is both beautiful, full of suffering, and balanced precariously on the edge of despair and ruin? With humor, anger and great tenderness, Richard Michelson’s poems explore the boundaries between the personal and the political, and the connections between history and memory.

Growing up under the shadow of the Holocaust, in a Brooklyn neighborhood consumed with racial strife, Michelson’s experiences were far from ordinary, yet they remain too much a part of the greater circle of poverty and violence to be dismissed as merely private concerns, safely past. It is Michelson’s sense of humor and acute awareness of Jewish history, with its ancient emphasis on the fundamental worth of human existence that makes this accessible book, finally, celebratory and life-affirming.

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Listen to an excerpt of Richard Michelson reading “Recital” on WMUA’s MR2 with David Lenson:

poet-laureateThe Northampton Arts Council is proud to announce the selection of Richard Michelson as Poet Laureate of Northampton Massachusetts for 2012-2015.

These poems demonstrate what a pleasure it is to read a thoroughly social poet. Even when Michelson isn’t laughing, he stands in a noble tradition: the Jewish spiritual comedian. An open-hearted, deeply engaged book.
Mark Doty

Some poets wrestle with ghosts. Richard Michelson invites them to sit at the kitchen table, crack jokes, give advice, live and die all over again. By turns philosophical, political, tender, outraged, and funny as hell, Richard Michelson is a poet to remember.
Martín Espada

Dramatic encounters with the past, such as what you behold here in Michelson’s poetry, often lead to exquisite confessions that ennoble a life. A sparkling treatise about poetry and memory.
Major Jackson

Dazzling, smart, and original, More Money than God mixes up the angels and devils of history and hope into realms of greater being. There’s something huge going on nearly all the time—as well as something intricately tender too.
Naomi Shihab Nye

Michelson asks with urgent eloquence how the sweetness of life can be sheltered from the terrors of our time, and what art can make of such a world as ours. His poems are artful, humane, and true.
Richard Wilbur, winner of the Pulitzer Prize

“More Money Than God Maps a Rich World” – Martha’s Vineyard Times Review