S is for Sea GlassIllustrated by Doris Ettlinger

2015 Massachusetts Book Award Finalist

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The tickle of sand on the bottom of bare feet … the taste of salt from a spray of water … the rumble-roar as waves come ashore. These are just a few of the many sensory experiences a day at the beach can bring. S is for Sea Glass: A Beach Alphabet uses a variety of poetry forms such as free verse, haiku, and ode in this celebration of the beach and seaside life. From a walk down the boardwalk to collecting sea glass to imagining the life of a shell’s former occupant, poet Richard Michelson reminds beach lovers of all ages of the many reasons we’re drawn to the shore.

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Richard Michelson discusses S is for Sea Glass, on location from the beach at Martha’s Vineyard, with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Absolutely lovely and original, this is a summer book of poetry worth remembering and revisiting year after year after year… There are books a parent does not wish to read 100 times over to their offspring and there are books they wish they could read even more. This book falls into the latter category. A treat for eye and ear alike. (full review)
Betsy Bird, School Library Journal