Some Recent Programs for Younger Audiences

I do readings and talk about the making of my books, and the importance of story. I love to get the kids excited about poetry and art; and many continue to send me projects long after I’ve left their school.

presentations-06Eavesdrop and Gossip: Learning to Love Poetry

I guarantee the most fun fifty minutes of poetry. Your students will fall in love with words.

Animals That Ought to Be: Art and Poetry

Some children draw imagined animals and others make up poems about animals they would invent; then we switch and illustrate with words or pictures, each other’s work.

A is for Abraham (Jewish Day Schools, and Synagogues)

What is the best thing about being Jewish? And why we should respect other traditions?

Ten Times Better and A Book of Flies: Real and Otherwise

How Math, Science and Poetry Can Work Together

Too Young for Yiddish

(This talk can be adapted for all cultures). I encourage children to ask questions of their elders, and explain why it is important to learn about your heritage. We also discuss what the older generation can learn from their children and grandchildren.

Oh No, Not Ghosts?

A traditional read aloud, with children playing the ‘scary’ parts. Perfect for Halloween.