Etchings by Leonard Baskin

Poems by Richard Michelson

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The syndics of the Gehenna Press are entirely pleased to announce the press’ latest issue, Masks with etchings by Leonard Baskin and accompanying poems by Richard Michelson. This grand folio printed on Sicilian hand-made paper continues Baskin’s keen interest in the grotesque; Michelson’s acute perceptions and descriptions acknowledge his concern with the disfamiliar & the unknown. The twenty-four etching printed in color by Michael Kuch reveal Baskin and Michelson probing at the fanciful, dissecting the imaginary, and obsessing over masks of great diversity. The color printing required wide forage of techniques including a la poupée, overlays, and stencils and any other available means to achieve the right color, however putative and uncertain the hue. The folio Masks is printed by Arthur Larson of Hadley, Mass. The etchings from the copper plates were printed by Michael Kuch of Northampton, Mass. The splendid paper is hand-made by Zecchi and imported from Italy. The binding is executed by Daniel Gehnrich of Worcester, Mass.

Limited to 26 copies.