Ten Times BetterIllustrated by Leonard Baskin

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Together again, the whimsical duo, poet Richard Michelson and artist Leonard Baskin show that learning to count and to multiply need never be boring. In dueling poetry, a motley crew of animals argues for the honor of the number each represents. The poems are always clever, sometimes even preposterous.

Interesting natural history information at the back of the book gives young readers more facts to ponder while mathematical problems give them a chance to practice what they have just learned.

Children will laugh their way along the road to numerical literacy in a counting book like no other.

“Michelson and Baskin follow up A Book of Flies with an imaginative numbers book that picks up where most others leave of, tackling the concept of multiplying by ten… Michelson’s jocular verse injects plenty of laughs into the calculations.”
Publishers Weekly

“Paintings full of freshness and spirit, poems whimsical and sly, and yes, even a bit of mathematics all make this book irresistible..The wordplay is completely engaging, and artist Baskin, who has been delighting generations of children at least since Hosie’s Alphabet, triumphs again.”
Kirkus Review  Starred review