BEE Biology

Bee Biology HIRES

Whenever I fly, I hear the buzz-
Queen’s the jazziest ever wuzz
(My hive is jive, my wax poetic.)

Those worker bees are wannabeeszz—
but they lack female expertezz
(It’s so pathetic; they’re all ascetic.)

My retinue’s a swarm of droneszz—
controlled by my pheromoneszz
(a secret chemical cosmetic.)

They all know how to fertilizezz—
but guyszzare useless otherwisezz
(And that viewpoint is sympathetic.)

I tell each he’szz my soul mate.
Come on boyszz!!!—Let’s pollinate.
(I’m no bee slut. It’s just genetic.)

Listen to Bee’s therapy session with the school shrink.

Bee Biology music and vocals by Marisa Michelson.