Lamb on the Lam

Lamb of the LAM HIRES

My mama called me Cuddlykins.
That’s where me problems all begins.

I seed how tender, sweet lambs worried
they’d end up stewed, kabobed, or curried.

So’s I chomped on fat cigars
and hung with jackals. Hijacked cars.

Why trail some dumb arse girl to school.
I ain’t no mama’s lamb. I cool.

But now my white and snowy fleece
is being chased by the police.

They catch the tenders and the toughs.
So here’s my plea to youse young roughs.

Don’t be like me. My life’s a muddle.
I shoulda gived me ma a cuddle.

Listen to Lamb’s therapy session with the school shrink.

Lamb on the Lam composed by Ron Passaro.

Vocals by David Andreana.