Pimp Shrimp

Pimp Shrimp HIRESIt’s all about the bling-bling and the
ho’s and the fast cars.
Ain’t no shrimps chillin’ pretty as my
neighborhood bro’s are.
We be bejeweled fools, I wear eighty
pounds hard candy.
Some barracuda mess with me, my
homey’s come in handy.
I hand my honeys money, I flash cash
and never skimp.
To survive in this dive, can’t be no simpleminded shrimp.

Them wimp shrimps work for plankton.
They be tryin’ to do right.
But work’s got them too tired to be
partying all night.
They all be chumps. Be pumpin’, bumpin’
for minimum wage.
I gonna give them ha ha’s,
once I get out of this cage.
See we be free at sixteen, if
plans go without a crimp.
So wait for me. I’ll still
be primpin’ bait and lookin’ pimp.

Listen to Pimp Shrimp’s therapy session with the school shrink.

Pimp Shrimp music by Ron Passaro.

Vocals by Robin DeJesus.