The Very Ugly Caterpillar

The Very Ugly Caterpillar HIRES
I was an ugly little larva. I grew uglier each day.
Even ugly caterpillars thought me uglier than they.
Daddy said I was a beauty; but what else could Daddy say?
So I turned into a pupa and I hid myself away.

And the days passed, and the weeks passed, and the months passed,
and today
I have passed my thirteenth birthday, and I’ve not been out to play;
and I’ve never tasted chocolate, seen the sea, or learned ballet.
’Cause concealed inside my chrysalis, I hid myself away.

But before I’m even older, and my cremasters decay,
I’m determined to accept myself, so now . . . without delay . . .
my hairy . . . scary . . . dreary self is coming out. . . . Make way!
Please don’t frown or put me down or turn your head away.

Look at me! There cannot be an insect lovelier than I.
But I suspect my time is short. Beauty blooms then dies.
My last words are: Young larva, don’t let your whole life fly by.
Play today! Don’t wait until you are a butterfly.

So much to see! Too late for me! I’m doomed, my friends. Good-bye.

Listen to Caterpillar’s therapy session with the school shrink.

 Music and vocals by Stephanie Johnstone.

(Vocals/Guitar: Stephanie Johnstone; Violin: Emma Leinhaas; Bass: Catherine O’Malley)

Recording Engineered by Ron Passaro.