I’ve built a grand castle with turrets and towers
And parapets, arrow slits, keeps, and a moat.
I’ve battled the seagulls and land crabs for hours;
The coastline is littered with seaweed I smote.

Even the big kids have come to pay tribute;
My name is known far and my fame has spread wide.
But the end is at hand for my kingdom of sand—
Alas, nothing can save us from waves at high tide.

Off my leash
Wet sand in my fur
Chase a seagull
A ball near the water’s edge
A stick in the waves
Dive into the surf
Paddle too far
Find someone dry
Off my leash
There’s my boy
running up the beach
sniff the salt air
stop, pee, smell
I’ll fetch it
quick, I’ll save it
woof woof woof
back to shore
shake off nearby
running down the beach
pure joy!!!


My colors are iridescent
Like jewels befit for a king.
If the light hits just right I will sparkle
Like a diamond inset on a ring.
But yell out my name and folks swim for the shore
Because Jellyfish means just one thing:
My sting!

Today we have gone fishing. Dad’s excited, so am I.
He’s angling in the ocean. Me? I’m fishing in the sky.
Dad cast his line. Hours have passed. He hasn’t had one bite.
I feel a sharp tug on my string. Hurray, I’ve caught a kite.
My catch is big and colorful, and trails a bow-tied tail.
My dad is packing up his bait, his hooks, his rod and reel.
When I get home, I’ll show my prize and put it on display.
When Dad gets home he’ll tell tall tales of fish that got away.


Each day the tide’s high and each day the tide’s low.
The world’s full of mysteries we’ll never know.

The moon orbits Earth and the tides are affected.
No matter its form, all matter’s connected.

As sure as it ebbs, the tide also rises.
And each day the world is full of surprises.