Who goes outside without their pants
and has SIX legs? You guessed it: ants.
We’ve never learned arithmetic,
but SIX is better. That’s our pick.

Fiddlesticks! Six, the best? Poppycock!
You want TEN TIMES BETTER? Dial a croc.
I have SIXTY teeth. I’m a great masticator.
(That means I chew first, and ask questions later.)


Seven? Good heavens! So what? Count my spots.
I’m TEN TIMES BETTER. Giraffes have…well, lots.
Me, I have SEVENTY just on my neck.
Heck, you can count them yourself. C’mon check.



Ten-Times-SpiderWhat number’s best? There can be no debate–
tarantulas know that the greatest is EIGHT.
I’ll tell you why if you look in my eyes.
Come close…can’t see you…come closer. Surprise!